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Case Management

The core competency of E-System is its case management features, allowing a care giver easy and direct access to the history of any client.

Electronic Billing

Electronic billing capabilities for organizations to save administrative efforts and improve customer experience. Featuring a complete billing package to manage all aspects of third party and client billing to fully integrate services.


Robust reporting module that includes the ability to create reports tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Us

The E-System is a web-based database and case management system designed to track clients and their case-related activities. Our goal is to start a process of care at the point of entry. A person will give their information once and their personal story will travel with them throughout the system to be accessed whenever and wherever needed. The application will allow providers to track a person's needs, services provided and progress through the system.


Superior quality

E-System puts quality first, especially when sensitive patient data is the product core.


Our product and support teams have vast experience at product development.

Honest and dependable

Our teams are there for you when you need them, and we will not sell you features you do not need!

very competitive rates

Contact us today to get a customized quote and breakdown of features.

easy customizable

Create user defined fields to capture all the additional data to meet your needs.


Check out our extensive list of features, that make E-System the perfect system for your mental health needs.

What We Do

You have a number of reasons to prefer us!

what our Customers say

  • "The E-System has made a world of difference with staff productivity. With most programs moving to the fee for service billing model, the time spent for documentation and reporting is always a concern. The E-System is very simple, time friendly and basic; meaning that with one entry/one click of the mouse you are able to accomplish more than one thing on your to-do list."

    Haley - Community Outreach Manager
  • Reporting is easily customized. I can gather all the information I need and update funders on program outcomes.

    Beth - Director of Programs
  • E-System makes billing easier, faster and accurate!

    Denise - Billing Specialist

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